Who am I collaborating with?

Hi, is there a way that students can see who they have been grouped with in assignments? In a normal class environment this wouldn’t be an issue but as we are currently in the midst of distance learning this feature would be handy. Does it already exist? Can somebody direct me to it if it does please?

Hi james unfortunately there is no way that student know who collaborate in the same cospace that’s why i tried to found a solution that i divide the space in square and write in each part the name of student so all students know each others by this way

I thought that might be the case. As students are still learning online, could this feature be introduced? @Coralie can we add a feature so students can see who their assignment is shared with?

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We hope that cospace team add this feature
Dear james i am feom tunisia and i arrange for webinair about cospace edu and i hope that you join me to share with us your experiences

Hi James,

Thanks for posting about this! We’ve taken note of your need for this and will look into it. I’ll contact you if we have follow-up questions.