Why only the tiny little space for the camera?

I coded a car with physics on to move when I pressed the WASD keys and it goes to the edge of the last road (I’m in a city environment) but the camera doesn’t go past the edge of the work space. I want to follow the car.

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Hi @Jonah_Dallaire ,

You can’t make your space bigger, but you can make your objects/items/assets smaller. The problem is the surrounding environment - change it to a desert, or something completely different, and you can make a massive city.



But you can’t change the size of the camera. If you were to attach the camera to a object and add the movement code, your character will just ignore colliding into objects which is a problem.

You can make the camera smaller by attaching it to an object, then shrinking the object.

And if we want objects to have collision capability, what do we need to do to them? (example below)

Geoff @ TechLeap

Because physics for object are not at all reliable for collision. Sometimes, they can no-clip.