Will Cospages support the new Pico 4 VR glasses?

Hey all,

Does anyone knows if the new Pico 4 VR will be supported by Cospaces?

Thx for any info.

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I also read on a recent post that some of the vr goggles are no longer supported!
What is the most updated information.

Okay, found out that Cospaces works in the Pico Browser. At first, it didn’t work. But the Pico browser can open website as a desktop or a mobile device. Switching to mobile device activated the VR settings in the browser, resulting in a working Cospaces. Only downside about his is that you have to change to mobile settings each time you open Cospaces in the Pico browser.

Cospaces as an App on the Pico 4 Store still would be the prefect solution.