Working with typescript-can't get collision with an image

In Scene 12 at this link, a student wants to the fox object to collide with an image. It just doesn’t work. What is wrong with the code in the typescript?

Hi @Kelly_Nickell,

Can you provide a bit more detail on steps to replicate the issue, expected result, and actual result please? Great game BTW.


Hi Geoff,

Thanks again for responding. He fixed this issue, but now has a new one. On Scene 11, he wants to use typescript to duplicate the black holes with the same explosion property. He realizes he can make multiple tabs/scripts, but realizes it will become very unorganized. How can he duplicate these black hole properties? Thanks so much? Here is the link again! CoSpaces Edu :: Video Game

I would make some black holes, put them in an array, iterate through the array inside the ScheduleRepeating method, and run the explosion code inside the array each loop.

Let me know if he needs further clues.