Zooming into the Center of Grid


I’ve been having an issue recently with many of my students not being able to control where their view zooms into when they scroll. For some reason, the view keeps centering the zoom on the center of the grid. Is this a hotkey that I don’t know about that they’re hitting/ how can I undo this?

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Hi @egongsue,

below are some useful techniques to navigate your scene during the creation (build-) mode.

Note that we’re currently working on improvements in navigation for touch (phone, tablet), and hope to release them soon :slight_smile:. They will offer movement features similar to what you can do on CoSpaces in your browser.

  • You can use shortcut V to focus on an item.
  • You can hold the spacebar while dragging over the scene to drag the camera position over the ground
  • You can hold the spacebar while scrolling up / down to zoom on a specific spot your mouse is pointing at
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