2nd Pro trial code

I have got a giant problem.
I am a student and i wanted to make a vr game for my assignment.
But my trial code expired and i have found more trial codes but i can’t use them anymore. Please help me.

One trial code per account. You would either have to purchase or have a teacher add you to a class.

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Hi there,
You can join one of my classrooms. The classroom code, for students is ****). When you need to publish the game pls give me a sign, because as a student you are not allowed to do so.
And :dagger: May the Force be with you :dagger:



Very Generous! :clap: :clap: :clap: :clap:

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Hi @pavlina, I hope you are well. My teacher for the class I am in rn doesn’t allow sharing, Can I share my projects in your classroom. It would help me a lot.

Hi A, you are welcome in my Donut class!:bagel:

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