30 Days of CoSpaces EDU

Hi everyone,

We recently purchased a district wide license for CoSpaces EDU. To help launch it and get teachers and students exciting I am putting together “30 days of CoSpaces EDU”. Looking to push out an idea a day during April so looking for some ideas/input. Initially I am starting small as most teachers are not aware of CoSpaces nor that we have a license so it will be very basic such as “how the get access”, " how to create a classroom, get students sign on"… Anything you think should be added please reply

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All the basics are available as video tutorials on the CoSpaces Edu YouTube channel.

Obviously add all the resources available on the CoSpaces edu website.

Provide links to some aspirational examples of what’s possible in CoSpaces Edu, for the different types of use-cases/outputs. Here’s a good animation: CoSpaces Edu :: The Titanic - Animation - Musical Parody by Abigail

Geoff @ TechLeap

Hi everyone, how can I get the trialcode?

You can use COSMARIOEL