360 image library

I just watched the feature friday video on the 360 images library. Where on earth is it? Is it not available on the iPad? It is not appearing in my computer either. I created a new cospaces, tour, and the same blank space. When I click on background, the only options I get are to upload from files, photo library or camera. If I use a search, I get images but they are not the correct ones for a 360 space.
Thanks for your help


@Tamara.Koehler me neither can find it on the laptop.
I´ve tried on 360º mode and on Tour mode and I coudn´t find it too.



Hi there!
Thank you for asking - the video was scheduled prematurely and has now been privated until the 360° images library update goes live :slight_smile:
Please note that this feature will only be available to Pro users in the beta Tours integration, not in the 360° tour.


Thanks! I look forward to the update! I am a pro user so would really love to have this resource! Any idea of the timeline?

Hi yesterday afternoon 23/10/22 I noticed the 360 library feature in my Beta Tour version. If you want take a look at my first trial https://edu.cospaces.io/CZM-SYM

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Yes - I saw it too! It’s great!