360 images not importing correctly?

My learners are downloading 360 images from Google Street View (https://www.google.com/streetview/gallery/) using the Pano Fetch extension (https://chrome.google.com/webstore/detail/pano-fetch/ggmfokbjchlhboclfngkneflhkopebbh?hl=en) in Google Chrome.

When they import the image into their space it always leaves a white area between the left and right sides as if the entire image didn’t download or is of a different size than the space CoSpaces wants to fill.

Here is an example https://cospac.es/ctjq

How can I resolve this?

Not only it has a white area, its geometry does not fit into projection, so the world screwed.
I do not think we support that kind of 360 projection.
Kirill ?

I had assumed all 360 images were the same. But you’re saying they can be formatted differently? There’s not an industry standard for how 360 images should be? Is this type of 360 projection unique to Street View? Or does perhaps the Pano Fetch extension I used to download those images mess things up when it downloads?

360 imaging is new to me so I’m trying to understand all the ins and outs of how it works.

Also trying to find places where my learners can download 360 images to use in their own projects.

Keep in mind that downloading images from Google Street View may be a violation of their Terms of Use.

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While we’re excited to see many uses of Street View, there are some use cases that are prohibited. Examples of prohibited use cases include:

  • downloading Street View images to use separately from Google services

These restrictions apply to academic and commercial projects.

However, there are a lot of other sources of 360 images that work in CoSpaces and are straight-forward to download (no browser extensions needed), for example Flickr and freegreatpicture.com.

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Thank you for the reminder on the Terms of Use! I will look in to that further to make sure we are in compliance. Also thank you for the other 360 image sources. I was aware of Flickr but not freegreatpicture.com.

I’m still curious about the difference in the 360 image format. Can you elaborate a little more on the difference of the images coming out of Street View as opposed to 360 images that you support?

I’ve had students take photos with Google Cardboard Cam app - but I don’t see where you can add / import your own 360 photos any more. I did it a few years ago with students, but I don’t see where I can bring in my own 360 vr photos…?