360 photo - issue

i had uploaded the enclosed 360 photo. but there’s white circles in co-spaces.
it’s ok in vizor.io.
any idea? thanks.

Hi @el2020,

when you see white space on top and bottom it means that you have not used a spherical (equirectangular) image, but a panorama image (cylindrical). To avoid stretching the uploaded image, gaps at the bottom & top are created.

To fix this, use spherical images for your 360 scenes.

  • Spherical images have aspect ratio 2:1

  • Cylindrical images have aspect ratio x:1 (Where x > 2)

Below you can find examples of spherical images. They all have aspect ratio of 2:1, e.g. 6000px x 3000px, 3000px x 1500px, and so on.

Click to show images

Here is also your image stretched so that it fits the dimensions :slight_smile:

Thanks very much for advice.

I have re-captured in 6000 x 3000 dimension and it works now.

what i have done is captured a 360 image in unity. since it’s very difficult to insert the full 3D model of elevator / shaft etc into co-spaces. is this the best approach? if i needed custom scenes…thank you.

also, i would like to create a dark scene - to simulate a power failure. how do i achieve this in co spaces? thanks!