3D files views on Chrome but not Meta Quest Browser

Hello, I’ve come across an issue where I can’t seem to understand why my models are not rendering on the Meta Quest browser but they do on Chrome. Here’s a couple of pics. I used an app called Scaniverse to 3D scan some sculptures and they work on the editor. Any ideas? I’m running the latest Quest browser.

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Unfortunately I don’t have an answer but I follow. @CoSpaces_Edu @EdTechnocation @techleapnz


I’m not really sure why this happening either.

@Gustavo if you haven’t done so already, you should fill out a support form here: Contact us / Support & feedback


Thanks for providing these photos, we’re looking into this now :slight_smile:

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Thank you so much for checking this out! I’m guessing it’s a rendering issue with the Quest Browser

Of course! :slight_smile: Are you able to share either your 3D model or the CoSpace with us (or both) so our developers can have a better look?

Sure thing, this is the 3D file in FBX format
And here is the CoSpace link CoSpaces Edu :: STEM Sin Fronteras Project
Scaniverse 2023-11-16 135214.fbx (10.8 MB)

uhhhh what is this?..

I assume you mean the 3D model. It’s a Mexican folk art sculpture called Alebrijes. We scanned one for use on a project a student is working on