3d model post-processing after upload

Hi there. I’m trying to upload nice high-resolution 3d models to CoSpaces. But I think there is some substantial post-processing going on after upload that drastically reduces the resolution of the mesh and also the texture. I’m using GLB files, created from a mesh with 200,000 faces, and a texture that is a 4Kx4K PNG. The resultant object looks awful in CoSpaces after loading. I have kept the model to under 50MB, it’s around 39MB total

This is a great shame, because the exact same GLB looks wonderful directly in e.g. a ClassVR headset.

I’d like to get them looking good in CoSpaces so that we can add ambient sound, and a guided-tour style experience in both web (desktop) and ClassVR headsets.

Any help greatly appreciated. I cannot share directly with you the example GLB as the data is tightly held by the traditional owners of the rock art.

Hi @David_Barnes check out our 3D model trouble shooting video, it begins playing at the relevant section here.

This should solve the problem you’re experiencing, but let us know if not!

Ok this is very helpful and I’m sorry I hadn’t found it earlier. Seems the the upload of gltf/glb models is not particularly good. I’m now uploading OBJ + MTL + PNG and the results are way way better! Thanks so much!

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No need to apologize, we’re glad it helped!