3d Model Zip Not Importing

Hello, I’m trying to import a 3d model zip and this happens with any 3d model zip I have, I click on the zip to import but it does nothing. So I extract everything from the zip and put it into my downloads or documents and it imports, but the 3d model isn’t imported fully or correctly. I imported a house into my game and sides of a wall were transparent. On the 2nd floor of my house, I can see only very some pngs that have been imported with the 3d model.

This bug is on windows 10 for me but when I import the same 3d model on my Chromebook, everything works completely fine and I can import zips. I also tried Google Chrome since im using Opera GX, but still didn’t work. Can someone help me please?

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Hi @HighStormPVP

Can you try this trouble shooting video and see if it does the trick for you?

Hi @HighStormPVP can you please share the 3D model with us? Do any error messages come up at all when you try to import them?

Let us know if you’re still encountering any problems :slight_smile:

Sorry, do you mean the zip? It comes up with a message saying that I can’t upload files bigger than 15 mb.

I can’t figure out how to import the model in blender. I looked at some videos but they are too complicated or I run into problems.

Yes, if you can share the zip or a single model from the zip that you’re experiencing this issue with, that would be great, thank you!!