Access denied - student can't access their cospace

I have a student that can’t access some of their CoSpaces. When I went in to view it, I also got “Access Denied.” Is there a bug? I don’t see any place to make any changes to give me or them more access to view it. It looks like a block coming from CoSpaces.

The student is Jeremy Saunders and it is for assessment task 1.


Hi @Darcy_Murphy I guess this is a technical question for the @CoSpacesEdu Team .
I suggest to contact them through the site CoSpaces Edu Contact Form
Before contacting CoSpaces using the form can controll if your student logged in with a different account, so the system didn’t recognized them. (sometimes this happened to my students, specially if they use the Google login function).
Another problem could be that accidentally you deleted the student account (see deleted students).
I hope my quick answer will help you and your student. Have a nice day :hugs: