Accessing second floor in magic wand houses

Is it possible to access the second floor in the magic wand houses? It seems odd to be able to make it multi-story but unable to add stairs to access the upper levels. I hope I’m missing something.



Can you please explain yourself better and add some details? What do you mean by adding magic wands?

Really good point @Karin_Cloutier! I’d say this is a feature request for @CoSpaces_Edu to feed back to developers. You can obviously make your own apartment blocks with stairs, but having a quick way to do this with the magic wand buildings would definitely speed things up!

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When you add a house that has the “magic wand” feature you can expand to add multiple stories but you can’t access these levels so it’s weird to be able to expand upward but you can’t utilize those spaces. I was hoping that I was missing something. It would be awesome for my 5th graders to be able to add the magic wand stairs to a house and have to “cut a hole” in the ceilings/floors so you can access these upper levels.

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Glad to hear I’m not missing something. For younger builders or projects that don’t have enough time to include creating your own buildings, this feature would be REALLY helpful

You taught me something new, @Karin_Cloutier! I didn’t know that expanding the magic building upwards “adds more levels”. It is unfortunately that they aren’t accessible though. You should share this as a feature request!

Yes, it’s true, you cannot access the upper floors, nor insert stairs or trap doors. Let’s try to ask the Team if it is possible to fulfill our wishes.

I agree with the request, it would be really useful to be able to access the upper floors

Hi everyone! Thanks for bringing this to our attention - it’s a good request idea and has been forwarded to our developers :slight_smile: