Accessing Spaces after Accounts are deleted?

I have had my students share their spaces and I have links and QR codes. How do I make sure that I can still access those spaces after I delete their accounts? I have 50 seats and I need to use them for my new students each quarter.

Currently you can not remove students account entirely from CoSpaces Edu, you can only remove their account from your license plan. This will remove student from all classes of all teaches sharing this licence plan with you (their assignments in these classes will be removed as well), but will keep spaces in student’s “Free Play” intact.

Spaces they shared using “Share” button (if you allowed them to use “Sharing” option in “Account management”) will be intact as well.

Just to be on the safe side check that the links you have are either in domain (like or contain /Universe/ in path (like If either of above is true, then you can still access those spaces after you remove students from your license plan.

Thank You! That was very helpful.