Add Co-Teachers to Google Classroom synced in CoSpaces?

I noticed that there isn’t an option to Add Co-teachers with a Google synced Classroom, even though my teaching partner is a Co-Teacher on Google Classroom already.
Is there a way to add Co-teachers? I know this is quite a new feature - so hopefully this can be fixed.

Thank you!

Hi @MrsRies_Edu it’s a good question!

Currently this isn’t available but we’re working on bringing more features soon :slight_smile:

Fingers crossed for next school year 24/25? :crossed_fingers:

@MrsRies_Edu We’re constantly working on improving CoSpaces and requests and feedback always play an essential role in our updates, so whilst we can’t provide an exact timeframe as of now, anything is possible! :wink:

Just wanted to add my 2 cents that I would like this feature also since my co teacher can’t see the class. I guess the work around is to convert the class back to a regular class so i can add them. Hopefully this works