Adding Variable with Numbers to count total before going to next scene

Hi! I’m still new with CoSpaces and would really appreciate if someone can help me. I need some help with my coding here. I want the students to click on every ingredients which totalled up to 9 before going to the next scene. If they don’t, an info panel come up saying they should click all before they proceed. However, my issue right now is I cannot add my variable to respond to the number as in if ingredientscounter variable equal to 9, mia claps. The current code is not giving the result that I want. How can I edit the codes? Thank you! Sorry my code is in a mess :sob:

Note: I have added increment for each ingredients.

Hi @fairyirl could you share the CoSpaces scene? It’s allow us to understand better your issue.

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Here you go. CoSpaces Edu :: Let's make a smoothie

Hi @fairyirl maybe have a look at the answers in Using Variables with a Collection - #3 by techleapnz - it’s a very similar problem.