Age setting for student is absent. Non-transparent data sharing policies and non-visible settings

I have few concerns over this age restriction:

  1. There is no obvious way setting the age after the user was created. On tablet there was no way of setting the age during the account setup too.
  2. How can we know if teacher allows sharing the data on behalf of parents? I am aware that only parents can give such consent and not teachers. It must be clear to all users if such option is chosen by teacher.
  3. What personal information is gathered and with whom it is shared?


Hi @Seos,

As mentioned in another post, please read the latest CoSpaces Edu Terms of Use to see if your queries still apply.

Geoff @ TechLeap

Hi, I have read the Terms and my questions are still valid.
You cannot delegate account information permissions to anyone (including teacher) but the account owner.
Children accounts are opened by children parents, not by the teacher. Currently cospaces breach the European Union General Data Protection Regulation Act.
Can you comment on this or resolve the issue. Thanks!

Hi @Seos,

I can’t see anything that is in breach. Can you provide the numbers and quote the lines you believe breach EU GDPR?

Many thanks,
Geoff @ TechLeap