All the sounds files cannot play after update today(15/4)

All the sounds files cannot play after update today(15/4)…

Even I upload a new mp3 files, it cannot play. No matter by code or preview at upload!!!

Hi @Wai_Shing_Chiu,

Which sound file format have you been using in your space?

If possible, could you provide a share link to he space in which you encounter your issue?

I use mp3.

It is not a single space problem, no matter I create a new space, it show up the same problem.

And I find that it is the edit page problem, if I share the space and view at incognito window, it is ok.

But when I click the ‘play’ at the edit page, the mp3 files doesn’t play.

Hi @Wai_Shing_Chiu,

Which internet browser do you use? We recommend Chrome and Firefox when working with CoSpaces.

You can also try to clear your browser cache for CoSpaces Edu.

I use Chromebook. The most updated version.

Hi @Wai_Shing_Chiu,

Here are a few things you could try:

  1. Clear cache and cookies (
  2. Review your Google Chrome extensions. Some may block or interrupt audio playback. You can try disabling them one by one to see if this resolves the issue (