Android 8.0.0 apps bugs

I find that if I use android 8.0.0 device, when the scene plays sound(even the same mp3 file) more then 14 time, it will not play any sounds, and the code will going on even I set wait until finished = true.
And on android 6.0.0 and 9.0.0 device doesn’t has this problem…

I have check the mp3 files and all can play normally if I re-order it within 14 times and none of them can play at the 15 times.

How can I solve this problem? My school using android 8.0.0 device…

Hi @Wai_Shing_Chiu.

Would you be able to share the space in which this behavior happens? We’d like to take a look at it and find out what’s the cause of the issue.