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Hello - is there any way to upload animated 3D objects? If not, is there any way to animate an uploaded 3D object? E.g. just move it’s arm, or make it walk? Can I upload an mp4 with an animation if non of the other options work? I simply want to be able to animate imported 3D objects.


Hi @smartears,

We currently do not support custom 3D object animations but we’re investigating possibilities to do so in the future :slight_smile:

Feel free to share animated 3D models you’d like to see supported in CoSpaces so that we can add them to our test samples!



My thoughts were that if I uploaded dinosaurs from google poly — it would be neat to be able to rotate just their head rather than their whole body. Likewise, for other animals that are not in the library, being able to manipulate their bones would be terrific. Makes the whole thing look so much more natural.

The animated animals in the library make th project look realistic. So if there is a way to either apply simple bones, or simply have cospaces recognize a bone structure of an object that is imported would be phenomenal. Even for example being able to ‘bend’ a tree or a building in cospaces .

Some of my students do animation with simple bone manipulation in crazy talk animator, and would love to be bale to animate their own structures and things that they build.

Thanks for all the updates! Cospaces is awesome!!


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or simply have cospaces recognize a bone structure of an object that is imported would be phenomenal

It is not clear how are you going to use that.
Are you really want to manually manipulate skeleton coordinates ?
It is impossible to do something useful maullay - without proffesional animation software or charachter studio.
Typically, ready-to-use animation tacks is provided by artists to play the skeleton animation later in scripting like this:

  • play track “running” looped 5 times, and then play “stooping” once

So can you please explain what kind of control you expect and what is your usecase ?




Thanks for your email.

I guess maybe it’s easier to ask a question.

If there is a 3D character - how can I get the character to turn the head ? As if someone has called them.

Another example would be to try and impose an animation onto an imported object or character. Right now, I would be able to move or rotate the entire object but not parts of objects.

In story telling applications, often I want a person to turn their head not the whole body. Also, for example a tree bending and breaking. Maybe it cannot be done in a cospaces type environment?

Not full scale bone manipulation , but the ability to move parts of characters or objects is what I was thinking of, especially for imported objects.

The easiest of course would be for cospaces to recognize the animation of an imported object.

Thanks so much!


Pratibha Srinivasan AuD, CCC-A LSLS. Cert.AVT
SMART EARS - Freedom Through Listening and Talking