Animation- Defensive option

A regular woman has an option for a defensive position but a casual boy doesn’t. Is this a mistake o am I doing something wrong?

Thanks for letting us know! It looks like that animation is missing from the boy, so we’ll update it soon and let you know when it’s available :slight_smile:

None of the children have the defensive reaction, but all the adults do. BTW @Coralie, when was the Animation breakdown of Reactions/Posture/Actions released?

After Jennifer’s feedback, we’re checking all the characters and any missing animations should be updated soon.
As for your question, I think we’ve had the animation categories for the humans for about six months.

Hi, the children have now been updated to include the missing animations. To access them, you can drag and drop them from the library, as the objects already in your space are not automatically updated. Any further questions or feedback, feel free to let me know! :grinning:

Hi, There is another issue consisting of doing two animation at the same time; for example, a boy talking and pointing to something or walking and saying goodbye or hello. these are missing for all objects.

Hi @tajajtsidi, currently it’s only possible to play one animation at a time for all animated objects, but we’re looking into more animations for the characters in the future.

Thank you @ElenaRenn, I’m really waiting for these updates because I am working on creating kids’ stories so I got stuck on holding something and walk, pointing and talk, …
hope it’s soon.

I’m following. Keep it up!