Anyone use the ClassVR Headset?

Hi everyone,

Pre 2020, I used a set of Oculus Go with the CoSpaces app so the students could explore their work in VR. Other than not being able to jump in their spaces, the headsets worked very well.

Has anyone had good experiences with the ClassVR headset/controllers? The last information I found on the topic from 2021 stated that controller support is coming, but that it wasn’t there yet.

Thank you,

My class does use class vr headsets. Do be aware that they are awful. I got motion sick from the awful field of view and low refresh rate provided. Do not use class vr headsets.

We’ve had mixed reations to the 1st Gen ClassVR headsets. App updates seem slow so often we’ll come to use the Cospaces app and get the “need to update” screen. I’m not sure if this is on the Avantis side of things and they are slow to push out updates or a fault in our aging gen1 headsets.

We now have the 3rd gen (premium) headsets with controllers but I’m yet to try cospaces on them.

From a content management perspective though the ClassVR system is great and probably makes up for hardware shortfalls in its ease of use.

I’ll update once I’ve tried my most intensive space on the new headsets.