AR and VR in aviation

I have been looking to use AR and VR to introduce young people to aviation careers other than pilots. Aircraft maintenance is one example. I would like to know more about the capabilities of your product that will allow students to explore this field. Thank you.

Hi @tuskair1,

You can visit Getting Started page to see the examples of CoSpaces usages and find ideas for exploring the aviation in CoSpaces.

Good morning Nikolay,

Thank you for this information. It is a little overwhelming for me as I never used CoSpaces. If I want to develop an AR or VR tool to teach students about aircraft maintenance, I would have to start from scratch to develop it?

CoSpaces is about creating in VR and AR. You can take existing spaces from the Gallery, update and improve them to suit your specific idea or create everything from scratch. Students love all the options - to create something from scratch, finish teacher’s prototype or explore already created Spaces in VR - depending on the subject and age.

I will explore it later this evening. It doesn’t sound like CoSpaces will address what I am looking for based on your answers. For full disclosure, I am not a teacher but I am an aviation professional. I like the CoSpace idea but I was looking something easier to develop and present to other aviation professionals as a tool for students.