AR education using board games

I use CoSpaces Edu AR to make the outcome of the game more interesting through AR special cards in the board game.
The education was guided so that the students showed different AR contents for each AR special card.

  1. Make a board game board.

  2. Prepare the dice and game pieces.
    AR CoSpaces Edu Sample

  3. Create AR content using Merge Cube in cospaces edu.

  4. Save the shared QR code image of AR content.

  5. Print the QR image according to the card size.

  6. During the game, if the selected card is an AR QR card, use a smartphone or tablet to recognize the QR code.

  7. When the AR content is downloaded, the merge cube image is recognized and the game is played according to the result of the AR content.

  8. sample video…

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Wonderful idea, nice plan. Thank you for sharing :star_struck:

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Thanks for sharing/
This is a great idea and a wonderful use of AR

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I hope that students will have fun learning AR.