Archived Classes and Public Access to Spaces

If I archive old classes to make space for new students to use licenses this year, will student projects that I am showcasing still be available to view? I am not worried about editing, just viewing options.

Hi @btcostello05,

After archiving your old classes, your students’ spaces will still be available for viewing.
However, by doing so you can’t make space for your new students. Seats can be re-assigned if you remove the “old” students from the license plan.

Hope this helps!

I have seats expiring that I no longer will need because of a change in job description this year. While I am still using CoSpaces, I have many less students at a time.
When those seats expire do the student’s spaces disappear?

Hi @btcostello05,

After the license plan expires, all the spaces will stay in a view-only mode and if you upgrade your account, they’ll become editable again.

Please let us know if you need further info on this.