Are Google Poly objects downloaded and stored in CoSpaces Edu?

Kia ora @Stefan and @Coralie,

With Google Poly shutting down in 2021, one immediate concern/query from the FB community is “Will the Google Poly objects in my CoSpace still load (once Poly is gone)?”.

I’m guessing these objects ARE downloaded from Google Poly and stored on CoSpaces Edu, but could you please confirm?

Many thanks,
Geoff @ TechLeap

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Hi @techleapnz,

3D items that you import from Google Poly into CoSpaces Edu will remain stored in CoSpaces Edu even after Google Poly shuts down.


But will we be able to search in the poly search tool in Cospaces?

No, you won’t be able to search Poly - the Poly API will no longer be available to applications like CoSpaces Edu. I am sure the CoSpaces Team will come up with an alternative solution before Poly shuts down.

Here’s one possible solution:

Geoff @ TechLeap


As far as I can tell the objects you have downloaded only live in the space you used them. We will have to use resources like Tinkercad to log in, search objects, download and upload them to CoSpaces EDU. Will be several steps… so sad.