Artificial intelligence

Dear ambassadors, If you would excuse me, I would like to know how I can link the co space edu website to the idea of ​​artificial intelligence, and does the site actually contain artificial intelligence?

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Following. I am interested in ideas about how we can integrate AI into CoSpaces or teach students about AI using CoSpaces. :slight_smile:

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Hi @RashaNabilKhalil and @kelfjel - currently our app itself doesn’t contain AI features for content generation but there are many ways to use CoSpaces with AI.

There are websites such as Blockade Labs that people are using heavily with CoSpaces to create some cool AI generated environments.

If you’re really keen, we’d recommend signing up for a webinar about app smashing CoSpaces with AI, hosted by our awesome ambassador, @EdTechnocation :star_struck: You can sign up for it here


Hi, I’m wondering if this webinar got archived somewhere?

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@CoSpaces_Edu same, is this archived somewhere for me to look back on?

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Hi @Jeremy_West and @jrsmigel we’ll reach out via messages in the forum for your emails and send you the webinar as it’s no longer available online :slight_smile:

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Hi there, I want to learn the archived somewhere, can you send to me ?

Hi @CoSpaces_Edu I am also very interested in receiving this webinar :slight_smile:


There’s a tutorial how to integrate Blockade Labs on Cospaces? Thanks a lot!