Asking for help on making custom character collide with walls

Hello everyone!
I’m working on a new third-person game and I have a problem working on It.
you see, whenever you walk into an object or wall Gerald (the character you play as)
doesn’t collide with it and just walks through it.This is a big issue to me as there will be many buildings in the game and I wish to get this fixed. Thank you,-Noah.
Link: CoSpaces Edu :: Gerald walk test

Somebody please help me with this

Hi @Noah_Herko,

Unfortunately, you can’t do Physics or collision with groups.

Because your character is made out of lots of individual objects grouped together, it won’t behave in the way that a simple single object would, like this:

Sorry to be the bearer of bad news! Have a think about how you could work around this issue, for example, by tracking co-ordinates (xyz).

Good luck!
Geoff @ TechLeap

Thanks @techleapnz for the response, im thinking about creating a cube that is transparent acting as a hitbox for “Gerald” so when it collides with other objects Gerald stops movement and transitions, though im not to sure how to do it in the form of CoBlocks, it’d be great if you could make a typescript string that does that function. Thanks-Noah herko

Hi @Noah_Herko, have a look at this CoSpace, created by one of my students, Kaleo, in which he employs a simple technique which might work for you:

Hope this helps! Let me know if you have any further questions.

Geoff @ TechLeap

Um @techleapnz i think i got the wrong part that you were talking about because i made the cuboid draggable: CoSpaces Edu :: Gerald walk test

I think what ill do first is learn javascript and typescript before i countinue on this game because im sort of new to typescript

Yep, you did. I meant the part that moves the camera in sync with the box/character. You could have a system that moves your character and a surrounding hit box at the same time, based on the camera movement and the hitbox collision. Very complicated stuff and probably a bit OTT. It may be better to look at a simpler solution.