Audio not working on ClassVR headsets

When using my ClassVR headset the audio on the videos I have uploaded either won’t play at all or all the videos audio plays at the same time.
When used in PC all the audio works fine including the buttons I’ve coded in to start, pause and stop the video
Also occasionally the video might not even play. I was wondering if anyone had any fixes for this?

@CoSpaces_Edu I asked this same question awhile back, has there been a solution to it? It really needs to work for students to add that element to something like a museum in Cospaces.

Hi @ImmersionOke and @jrsmigel we’re sorry you’re experiencing some issues. Can you double check that the sound toggle is turned on?

If not…
@ImmersionOke could you please share the CoSpace with us where this happening?

@jrsmigel we checked the CoSpace you shared with us in your last post and on our end it seemed to work! Can you please let us know if the issue is still happening for you and everything seems correct in the sound settings?

@CoSpaces_Edu you checked the sound on the ClassVR headsets? The sound in the cospaces work fine, it’s when I have the students view in the headsets is the problem.

@jrsmigel that’s right, we checked the CoSpace you linked us with and using ClassVR headsets. The sound worked on our end via the ClassVR headset however we’ll report back to our dev team that you’re still experiencing this issue and see what they can do!

We’re sorry it hasn’t worked as it should for you and your students so far, and hope we’ll be able to come back with a solution for you asap!