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Newbie question here. I’d like to use CoSpaces to create AR “displays” and scenes in fixed locations around our facility. So for example maybe I have a real-world sculpture that I might like to add an AR sign or plaque to containing information about the sculpture, it’s creator, etc, and maybe I’d like to add some other interactive bits (touch the sculpture’s nose to hear a sound, have a bird land on it, whatever). Ideally, I’d like to have other people able to view these AR displays with or without a “guide” (like myself) around, and I’d obviously like these displays to appear in their correct locations (my main concern is how to tie the AR to fixed real-world locations consistently).
Is it possible for me to accomplish the above with CoSpaces? And if so, could someone point me in the direction of some tutorials and/or documentation for dealing specifically with these issues?
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Hi @Will,

What you’re describing is marker-based AR, where you have something like a QR code affixed to something and the 3D scene appears on top of the marker.

This is possible with the Merge Cube add-on in the Pro version of CoSpaces Edu (if you’d like a trial of this, let me know) - you could take a photo of one side of the cube and print that out. If you go searching on the web (or possibly this forum), you’ll see projects where others have done this.

Hope this helps!

Geoff @ TechLeap

I very much like this idea. I can see my students making interactive kiosks, scavenger hunt or virtual student work gallery.
Would other people have to have to the CoSpaces app installed on their device?
Assuming they had it installed, how would the CoSpaces app know which space to show? Would the other people have to have the CoSpaces app running with my Space playing?

You would need 2 things next to each item:

  • The QR code for the shared space, printed, so that users can bring up your space and press play
  • A side of the Merge Cube printed, so they could see the space on the marker

Hi Geoff, thanks for the reply!

In terms of the Merge Cube, would the Space then only appear on top of the printed Merge Cube side (and would it be constrained to that size)? Or would it just use that as a set point to display the entire display (hypothetically, let’s say the AR scene is actually a few meters across)? I saw some video of AR spaces being projected onto a tabletop, etc–is that display surface determined/chosen at the time by the user, or can I “affix” the display to a specific surface (not necessarily on the printed merge cube side itself) nearby? For example, if I have the QR code and merge cube side printed out and attached to a wall by a window, and then a few meters outside that window on the lawn, I want an AR boulder or bench or tree or whatever to appear, is that possible? Thanks. And sorry for the 20-questions grilling.

Hey Geoff, I’ve had a chance to try some things out with CoSpaces, and if it’s still an option, I’d love that free trial for the ?Pro? & MergeCube. Just let me know what you need from me. Thanks!

Hi Will,

You can use the Pro Trial Code COSGEOFFBE - pop this in when you go to the License Plan area.

Geoff @ TechLeap

Thank you, Geoff! Much appreciated.

Do I need a merge cube to do AR? or can I just use a box ?

You can project a CoSpace onto a real-world surface (floor, table, etc), which doesn’t require a MergeCube.
The MergeCube is helpful for exact placement of a scene if you place it somewhere. For example, following advice here and elsewhere, I photocopied a MergeCube side and printed it along with a CoSpace QR code onto the same sheet of paper, then attached that paper to a wall, so when I scan the QR with the CoSpaces app, my scene (a MergeCube scene) is brought up in the app and aligns itself to the MergeCube photocopy, so I then see my video and model exactly where I want them on the wall (we’re planning to do this to add AR interactivity alongside some artwork).

EDIT: also, I just discovered that when you make changes to a space you’ve shared, you need to apply those changes by clicking on share again (I didn’t see that in any of the instructions so far…).

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