Aw Snap error 10 on play (Chrome bug)

since today i keep having this error when going in play mode.
Chrome 117, no extensions.

it was working well until a few days ago.

there are no errors in the Console

i tried clearing caches and everything… does anybody else have this problem?

it crashes also with a new and empty project!

EDIT: with Firefox it works perfectly. maybe it’s a Chrome 117 bug

Can not play Cospaces projects on Chrome 117

We have a few teachers that are experiencing this same issue.

User can’t play kids projects on Chrome 117. The project will load, but when the play button is clicked a grey screen is shown with chrome sad face.

Screen Shot 2023-10-03 at 11.29.06 AM

Please look into this issue as more users will be upgrading their Chrome to 117 soon.

Additional information:

  • Two users with this issue have Chrome 117 (arm64).
  • I have the same Chrome version on another laptop, but I have x86_64 instead - I have no issues with playing the projects.

Thank you in advance