Aw Snap error 10 on play (Chrome bug)

since today i keep having this error when going in play mode.
Chrome 117, no extensions.

it was working well until a few days ago.

there are no errors in the Console

i tried clearing caches and everything… does anybody else have this problem?

it crashes also with a new and empty project!

EDIT: with Firefox it works perfectly. maybe it’s a Chrome 117 bug

Can not play Cospaces projects on Chrome 117

We have a few teachers that are experiencing this same issue.

User can’t play kids projects on Chrome 117. The project will load, but when the play button is clicked a grey screen is shown with chrome sad face.

Screen Shot 2023-10-03 at 11.29.06 AM

Please look into this issue as more users will be upgrading their Chrome to 117 soon.

Additional information:

  • Two users with this issue have Chrome 117 (arm64).
  • I have the same Chrome version on another laptop, but I have x86_64 instead - I have no issues with playing the projects.

Thank you in advance

Hi! I was going to post about this issue, but I see I am not the only one to have it …

My Chrome Version is 117.0.5938.149 (Build oficial) (arm64)

Best, Victor.

Hi again! This morning one of our students with ChromeBook & Google Chrome 117 found the same issue … the problem is that students haven’t other browsers installed, and are not allowed to do it, so they can’t ‘Play’ their creations with CoSpaces :cold_sweat:

Any idea to solve this issue?

Many thanks!

i’ll try (in mac, at least) to downgrade to Chrome 116…

just upgraded to Chrome 118 and the error is this here :frowning:
please @CoSpaces_Edu can you say if it’s our bug or yours? have you a workaround?

Hi @StefanoCecere @TopVR @Jennifer_Scales

We’re really sorry that you’ve encountered this error! We’ve looked into this and are implementing a fix. By the start of next week this error will no longer occur when using Chrome.

We’re sorry for the inconvenience this has caused you all, but we appreciate your patience and the info you provided that helped us work on this!


Thanks Team! Yesterday I had a new update in Google Chrome for MacBook Air, now I am in version 118.0.5993.70 (Build oficial) (arm64).

With this update, the issue is only happening some times, and in some scenes only, as you can see in this video attached.

Thanks for you quick answer :slight_smile:

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Thanks for sharing and updating us @TopVR - this issue should no longer occur now and the fix has been implemented. But let us know if you experience anymore difficulties.

Thanks again!

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Thanks for solving it so quick :slight_smile:

We will inform you if we find any difficulties.

Best, Victor.

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as far as i tested my “were broken” cospaces… now they work!
was it a strange bug? was it chrome or what? thank you (i start a new course this afternoon and i really needed this fix :slight_smile:

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It was a bug that has since been rectified. We’re glad it’s working for you now and hope the new course goes well! :slight_smile:

Hi @CoSpaces_Edu,
We’re currently experiencing the same issue in our application.
It would be extremely helpful if you could get in contact with us and explain how you resolved it.

Thank you in advance!