Battery drain - any suggestions for how to reduce battery consumption


Quite enthusiastic about Cospaces, I have developed the bulk of my Digital Technology course for Yr 7/8 around it. This year we have a new classroom space and the laptops are only charged at the end of the day. They are HP Elitebooks and new this year, but they only hold the battery charge for 3-4 hours when used predominantly with Cospaces. They are used with 3 different schools and classes in a day and we have four hours of class before lunch. Do you have any suggestions for reducing the battery drain? Thank you.

Interesting question I follow. @EdTechnocation maybe you have a good idea

Hi, @Mary_Gorman! Welcome to the CoSpaces forum. Unfortunately there is nothing you can do on the CoSpaces website to reduce battery drain on the laptop.

On the laptop however you could try things like reducing the screen brightness and making sure that all other applications on the laptop are closed while the students work in CoSpaces. If brightness is turned all the way up to 100% that can affect the battery usage. And if other applications are running at the same time in the background, they can also run down the battery.