Beast Battle V1.0 release, Update log & Feedback

Happy to announce the new expansion, v1.3.0 Enter the Savanna!
Complete with 1 whole new faction, 11 new beasts, 5 new enemies and 3 extra bosses.

v1.3.0, Enter the Savanna;
Roaming on the grasslands predator & prey are on high alert, will you be able to unite these beast’s and take down the new powerfull foe’s? Use the hardened Savanna faction with many effect that grow their power in combat, find unique combinations to defeat “The Strange Egg” and claim these lands for yourself,

Added type selection screen,
New Titles & Battle screen visuals,
Fixed many minor bugs & improved code stability,
Adjusted gameplay pacing,
New enemy type that spawn only on the back row each with their own effect,
Added animation for negative buff,
On kill effects can now save beast from dying if buffed above 0 health,
Changed stats of 5 & 6 star beasts, and re did effects & stats of a bunch of neutral beasts.

Hope you enjoy!


The new expansion is here, v1.4.0 Back at the Barn!
This time adding another faction to the game together with 11 new beast’s, general gameplay overhaul and many balance changes.

v1.4.0, Back at the Barn;
Welcome to the Barnyard! It’s good to have you, meet the 11 new Beast’s or was it 12? It’s hard to keep track, sometimes you would swear they are multiplying… anyhow the more the merrier! As these beast’s will synergize with all friendly beasts to take on the Battle… of the Beasts!

Title & Battle screen are currently still under construction, released a little early since I’ve actually been sitting on this expansion for a while but have struggled to find time to build the visuals for it, since most major bugs have been fixed (atleast the ones I found while testing the last weeks) I figured I might as well let others play it too while I continue work on them.

I am really humbled by the amount of attention the game has gotten and am very happy that people have and hopefully continue to enjoy it!