Being alive in cospaces is for money

why when I try to do anything in co-spaces at all I have to get pro? if it’s about any bankruptcy then that’s a rip-off because holding a website is only 12£ a month while co-spaces is 74 dollars a year…I’m seriously trying to get started on coding and everything I a pay plan…please explain this to me

Not true. Running a massive site like cospaces would be expensive. you do realize that your data doesnt just magically save? Server prices depend on the scope of a website, and a lot of people use cospaces, also cospaces requires a lot of storage and syncing, notice that your cospaces is constantly saving, and what do you think compiles the typescript and python? It probobly a lot more thatn 12 bucks

Hi @Abdulqader_Mograbi,

24 years ago I taught myself HTML/CSS/Javascript/PERL/PHP/ASP for free, using resources I found on the Internet.

24 years later, there are easily a billion more resources around coding now which are freely available on the Internet.

If you are serious about getting started with coding, try searching for “How to code” using Google Search.

Geoff @ TechLeap

or buy a coding book for fee no costing

im not talking about running the app… I’m talking about making a website URL, its only 12£ euros really

Yeah and I’m telling you that you saying that they can’t claim to need money to stop bankruptcy just because a url costs 12 bucks is illogical because thats only a fraction of their costs, running the app is prob very very expensive and data storage

a domain stupid;a url bruhh

I know -_- what I’m saying is that you can’t say its overpriced just based off the price of the domain, because there is a lot more that has to be maintained and that isn’t their only expenses