Being told the class is full

Hi There

We have a license plan for 20 seats. In one assignment there were 13 students. In the second assignment there are 10 students but they are existing students. When they where given the code to access the new assignment, they received a message to say they could not join the class as there wasn’t enough seats even though they are existing students.

Should I have had them join in a different way or just added them to the assignment? I tried just adding them but their previous assignment was in the new assignment.

Please advise.

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Hi @AnitaMcK,

Do you mean assignment or class? You shouldn’t need a code for each assignment, just for a different class.

Either way, that does sound a bit odd. Have you checked your Users to make sure students aren’t logging in with different accounts and that you have enough seats?

Many thanks,
Geoff @ TechLeap