Big Glitch- Lava Collision

Hi! I’ve been working on a floor is lava parkour game with my friend for a school project. But, there is this major glitch that neither me, my friend, or my teacher can figure out. When you look down on the ground, the camera starts moving in all sorts of directions! Sometimes, it even starts flying! I haven’t put any physics in the code, if that has to do with anything. Could somebody please help me? CoSpaces Edu :: Partner Project. Thank you for your time!

Hi could you place the link of your project? If you make it remixable even better. In this case we can see If we can help You.


@Shaan it’s because the “LivesText” is added at as a child to the camera while it is too close to the camera itself; When looking down the computer sees this as a collision and then forces the player into a random direction. You can fix this by instead of adding the lives to the camera through code simply drag it onto the camera in the editor and give it a slight offset:

Yay it worked! Thank you so much @Luc!

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Hi Shaan, it’s Sru. At school can you show me the project, because when I was making my game, this happened and we can compare codes.