Blockly go to Select scene Bugs

I find that Blockly go to Select scene has some problem. Even I change the scene value(e.g.: “go to 2” change to “go to 3”, it doesn’t save. Everytime I click the play button or go to other scene and come back, it will return to the original one(i.e.:“go to 2”). Can you fix this bugs?



there is indeed an issue with the “go to” block which will be fixed with next update. But I don’t know if it’s the same problem because I can’t see the video. Can you please click on the “Share” button in the upper right hand corner and send me the direct link so I can have a look at your example.


It should be your formu problem, I have shared as people has link can see, nvm, I give you a shorten url.

Above link is same as below, your forum still cannot play it, please copy the link below and open a new viewer.(Please del the space) ow9foW

Thanks for the video. Yes, this seems to be a bug. We’re going to fix it with our next update. Until then you can use the “Coding” block and the .goTo() method described in the API documentation here.


The scene ID you need for the method is visible in the “Environment” menu.


Thanks for pointing it out.