Blurred 360° images

my learners are using 360°-images from our school. Sometimes they are not shown correctly in the preview (see image)

but they are shown correctly once you edit or play the scene. We could live with that, since it the preview doesn’t harm us. But unfortunately the same error occurs while using an oculus go headset (using the app) but not only in preview mode. We can’t play any scene properly. If we enter the scene via a browser with a public link (on the oculus go) it is shown correctly (with reduced quality).
Any ideas how to fix this?
Thanks in advance

I have the same problem :frowning:

Hi, thanks for reporting the blurred image problem. We’re working on a fix that will be available in the updated Oculus Go app soon :slight_smile:

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Good afternoon,

You want to know why 360 degree images are a bit blurred when inserted into CosPaces.