Bug report- adding students to group assignment

When i add a student to a group for group assignment, i have to refresh the page immediately for the group to be formed. If i click edit group again, it does not appear. If i go to another page (eg. cospaces tab) and back to class again, the group does not appear again.

Do anyone else see this? It created alot of trouble for me as it made me miss out on adding some students to groups:(

Hi @ignitevr,

I’ve forwarded this problem to our testers to reproduce this issue. Could you please let me know what browser you were using when making new groups?

The browser that we were using is Google chrome

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Hi @ignitevr & @Stefan,

I wonder if this is related to the sheer number of students in your class, ie some sort of network timeout because each student in the class has to be processed when creating the group?