Camera autorotation bug in VR mode


I recently encountered a bug where the fixed camera automatically rotates 90 degrees to the left in VR mode.

This bug is new and happens in all Cospaces created by other people in the past.

The bug also occurs in the pirate roller coaster created by the Cospaces Team. CoSpaces Edu :: Pirate roller coaster

To illustrate the bug, I recorded the screen of my app. I didn’t move my phone at all in VR mode, but when you watch the video, the camera rotates automatically.

I request a bug fix.
Thank you.

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@CoSpaces_Edu, can you check this bug please?


Is there anyone at CoSpaces that can fix this? I have the same issue and it is really messing up my virtual rollercoaster projects in my class. The view keeps a fixed orientation, regardless of direction of camera. I have tried correcting this in code, but there is no way to fix it.
Please help.
NOTE : This is a problem when viewing the CoSpace in VR mode using the iPhone/Android App. When the CoSpace is viewed on the computer, the view adjusts to the direction of the camera.

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Hi there,

Thanks for reporting this!
We’re looking into this issue and will get back to you shortly.

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