Camera in custom 3D scene uploaded

i have imported a custom scene. what’s the right scaling? and do i have to scale down the player camera? what’s advice for best experience in a custom 3D scene uploaded.

You can only scale the Camera down by attaching it to a helper object and scaling that down. Best to scale up the scene.

When you visit a published CoSpaces, the visitor start from the point of view, decided by the author. This means that you can guide your visitors.The ‘right’ position is what you want to be showed first, where you want your tour starts…I suggest to try out the position several times to find out the hight e the best direction. If you want you can changes the movement of the camera ’ movement’ fly / walk / ‘central view’ orbit. When you choose fly you can decide to attach the camera at an object which is going along a path. ROLLER PATH ( Example)