Can users talk to the characters in cospaces?

Hi there,

I would like to make an interactive platform for my students to learn language. A simple scenario would be:

  • student said to the character, “Where did you go this holiday?”
  • cospaces character replied, “I went to the zoo.”
  • student replied, “what did you see there?”
  • cospaces character replied, “I saw elephants and tigers.”

Does cospaces allow such interactions where it can receive audio input and respond accordingly?

Thank you.

Do you mean being able to generate an answer based on what the student says? If so, unfortunately no. This would require AI, and right now Cospaces does not support that. Though it would be a good idea!

You can try to put the questions in a choice panel and depending on the selected question, to play a pre-recorded answer and make the character say the answer as well. You can record or upload audio files in Cospaces and use them to teach pronunciation.
This could be an alternative to your idea, because as @gorillamonkeybanana mentioned, you can not detect audio input in Cospaces.