Cannot access class and management menu!

In south korea. 11am.08/17. I can’t access class and account management menu. Just still loading…

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여기 확인 하세요.

My District dashboard is down, 100 schools dont have access!!

Check this article for temporary solution

Hi @songhongjoo89 @Laurens_Derks @Jaewoo We’re really sorry for the disruption this has been causing you, your schools, teachers and most importantly, your students! We are working hard to rectify the issue to get CoSpaces running as it should, as soon as possible! While we understand that this issue is unacceptable, we again sincerely apologize for the inconvenience and really appreciate your patience and support in this, while we rectify this as quickly as we can!

Hi @songhongjoo89 @Laurens_Derks @Jaewoo We want to sincerely apologize again for the disruption this caused you and your students, this issue has since been rectified.

That’s what I really wanted to hear.

Thanks for solving it.

Now, many teachers in Korea can safely teach Cospaces classes.

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