Cannot get into Classes- stuck on ‘Loading’ screen

Hi, I set up a classroom which students used last week with no issues. Today they cannot get past the ‘Loading’ screen. We have reinstalled app on iPads. We have also tried hot-spotting off a non- school network so it does not appear to be a school wifi issue.
Any solutions?

Ask the @CoSpaces_Edu Team see their service page on the Home page of CoSpaces Edu

Hi @Jacqueline_Quin we’re sorry you’re experiencing issues connecting to CoSpaces. Could you please get in touch directly with our support team and we’ll be able to better assist you at - if you can include the device model and a screenshot of the loading screen where your students get stuck, that would be great. Thanks for bringing this to our attention!

Hi CoSpaces Team. It seems that this was a problem for people all over the place this morning (timezone CEST). Ours was also stuck on “loading” and I can see someone else wrote about it. And then suddenly started working again. Was there maybe server maintenance?

Thanks for letting me know

@Jacqueline_Quin @kelfjel We are currently looking into this - will update this thread as soon as this has been resolved or there is a clear solution to avoid it happening again. Thanks for your patience!

@Jacqueline_Quin @kelfjel Hello! We want to sincerely apologize again for the disruption this caused you and your students, this issue has since been rectified.