Can't click object placed in an imported house

I am trying to make a house with interactable objects but when i try to use when object clicked it doesn’t work

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Can you share it here remixable? We cannot help you just with that information


Hi @SussyMacSus,

I don’t have enough clarification to know exactly what the problem is, but the most common mistake people make when adding interactable objects is that they run the “when item is clicked” code in a sequence, instead of running it on a loop to make sure the function always runs when the item is clicked. A way you can fix this is to add a separate tab of your game containing only blocks that check a certain thing (when collided, when clicked, etc), or, you can add a “forever” loop around your “if clicked” block. I would appreciate it if you shared the project with us, I’d be happy to help!


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Its ok i already fixed it turns out that there was something attached to the camera that was blocking me from clicking. Thx tho