Cant import models from sketchfab with textures

When I try to import the whole ZIP file it comes with an error message, the only way I can get them in is by pulling out the models directly and putting them in. But of course, that doesn’t come with the textures, Model and textures come in separate folders, I’ve tired using the FBX converter by changing the PNG’s to FBX but it appears that it only works when you have 1 file with the PNG’s in it already,

Hi @Kyleleo

  1. Do you see the mtl file? Sometimes these are missing
  2. I guess your files aren’t bigger than 50 mb each
  3. My CoSpaces Friend @Giuseppe_Schiuma uses Blender to repaer or recreate the missing mtl file. (I maybe he can help you. Sorry @Giuseppe_Schiuma for tagging you al the time but you are so helpful when CoSpaces friends are in trouble with these kind of problems.)
    Good luck :wave:
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Hello @Kyleleo, here there are your models with textures; as sayd by my dear friend and mentor @astrid_hulsebosch I used Blender 3D to remap the texture in shading ad UV mapping.
As your battleship is too large to send here, remix the CoSpaces below with the object uploaded: you have to select the model ans Copy and Paste (Ctrl+C → Ctrl+V) it into your project.
Hope this helps and if you think that everything is ok, please mark as “solution”.

Bye Giuseppe (1.9 MB)

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Hi @Giuseppe_Schiuma,

Maybe you can help me too. We are having a lot of trouble with models from Sketchfab (example : and have tried multiple ways to import them, but we never get the textures. I see you used Blender to remap it. It is something our students could do easily? If so, how? Or else, is there a specific file/keyword/etc. we could filter with when looking for models in Sketchfab to make sure they are compatible as is with CoSpaces?


Hello dear @MELapolice ,
the process that I use for remap the UV texture in Blender is a little difficult for kids because this software have a “professional” interface that may intimidate beginners and, in many cases, the process is different according to the complexity of the model.

Here it is your file with all the textures (it is really nice): (5.6 MB)

Hope that this helps,


Thank you very much!!

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Hi, I’m facing a problem when uploading a 3D model to cospaces.
I have downloaded a 3D model from here and imported it to blender.
After go to
→ Shading
→ File → External Data → Find missing files
Everything works well. All the objects in the model have their textures.
And then I go
→ FIle → Export → Fbx → Change the Path mode from “Auto” to “Copy” and Press the Embed textures button(name new.fbx)

However, it turns white when I upload to cospaces.

I have also tried the OBJ format(ticked OBJ objects, OBJ groups, Material Groups in Blender export panel).
And upload the obj+mtl to cospaces. It also has no texture.
But one interesting thing is that when I upload OBJ + MTL + some textures in png, it shows some textures. However, it pops up a “couldn’t upload the model” error message when I upload OBJ + MTL + all the textures files in png. (also the same when I compressed the folder to zip)

I’m wondering how to solve this problem:)

File: (8.1 MB)

Maybe @Giuseppe_Schiuma can help you. Good luck :four_leaf_clover:

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hi @123 @astrid_hulsebosch , CoSpaces does not support alpha channel, metallic and roughness so I can give you this model in .obj format without them: (4.5 MB)

So you are without the rays of light passing through the windows. If you like you can load this other object setting it to 10% of opacity but you will find troubles to move the camera that will collide with it. (4.5 KB)

In blender I deleted the faces of the windows so you can simulate the transparency of glass.

Hope this helps, bye Giuseppe


It works. Thanks for your help!!!

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Dear all,

is there an easier way to accomplish this? Learning blender (even for me, but especially with students) is a lot to ask! Just like my colleagues I can import *.obj but do not get *.mtl but *.lib files, which do not help me.


Hi @SebEis In many cases you can easily upload obj +mtl files by dropping into your CoSpaces the zip file. Sometimes it will not work because the original file has some problems.( It’s not a CoSpaces problem)
If the file you want to upload is very important to ask @Giuseppe_Schiuma he is always be able to help. The only thing you need to do is to add the file to this post. Good luck