Can't move between scenes in ClassVR


We have recently purchased a CoSpaces Pro site license for our two middle schools and a two carts and two sets of headsets with the understanding that we would be using them extensively. I was very disappointed today when I realized I can’t move between scenes.

Quick thought. Would it be possible to add some sort of on screen trigger that could be coded that when clicked could load the next scene? When if the students did it within their project? I could even add it to each project (it would be cumbersome but for a temporary fix I would be willing do it). Even if it loads a second link to the subsequent scene…my students are going to be SO disappointed when they come in on Friday to view their work on the headsets only to find they can only view scene one.

Even a way to grab a link to each of the scenes of their work and load them individually into the headset would be a wonderful start.

Thank you for the consideration.

Hi @Karin_Cloutier,

Navigation between scenes is currently limited to scenes from same space only. If you’d like to create one space in which all scenes could be visited you could create a group assignment and ask every student in that assignment to work in their own separate scene :slight_smile:

Thank you for getting back to me! I think that is how I have it configured but I still can’t figure out how to navigate between the scenes within the ClassVR headset…how to I move to the second scene? When I’m viewing on the screen I click between scenes using the arrows at the bottom of the screen in play mode ( <1/5>) but that doesn’t appear in the ClassVR headset. Any idea how I move to the next scene? Thank you!

Hi @Karin_Cloutier,

Please try looking down to your feet while wearing the VR headset. There should be a scene navigation displayed on the floor which allows you to navigate from one scene to the other