Can't open project


I think i have a memory problem on opening. While opening suddenly closed my space. From pc there is no error. But so slow. Is there a max item limitation? Because i am working on a project. It was nearly completed. And it is too huge.

Can you help me? Or how can u help?

Hugs İdiye

Hi @Idiye_Okten,

there is no max item limitation. Very huge scenes may require a lot of memory. Keep that in mind when design them.

Please, share your space and we will see how it can be optimised.

Hi Nikolay,

Thanks for your reply. Fourth scene is very big. It’s about learning Turkish Sign Language Dictionary on virtual reality education. We’re preparing a competition. All of the project about deaf people. This week i have to complete the registration.

Hugs İdiye

Hi Idiye,

the scene contains too many text objects (about 2000). I recommend you to split the scene into smaller ones. For example, you can have a global room were you can choose a cabin. And for every cabin create a separate scene.
Do you need every brick to be clickable? If no, then you can replace the text items with one text image.

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I wonder whether Firebase integration, or some other form of real-time database AJAX fetching is possible via Javascript, or in the roadmap? This would provide scalability for some aspects of CoSpaces.

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Hi @techleapnz,

We do not have that feature in the plans. Please tell me which project you need it for?

Hi @Nikolay, I’m suggesting an alternative solution to the problem in this thread. Too many text objects? No problem if you can pull the text from a database.